Webflow Integration

In the following article, we'll describe step-by-step how you can integrate Bannernote into your Webflow project - And it's dead simple. Here is also the official webflow link: https://university.webflow.com/integrations/bannernote

1. Copy Your Code Snippet

First things first: Sign up to bannernote if you havent already. Go into your dashboard, click the Add Page button and copy your SDK code snippet.

2. Paste Code Snippet into Head

Head back to your webflow project, select the page you want to integrate a banner, click the "gear icon" and scroll down to Custom Code. Paste your SDK snippet into the first box which has the headline: Inside <head> tag

3. Publish Webflow Site

Make sure to save your changes and publish the project in webflow.

4. Final Step: Verify Implementation

Head back to your bannernote dashboard, click "Add Page" in the top right corner. In the popup, enter the URL, where you have inserted the SDK snippet and click Verify Implementation. Once verified, your banner appears on the page. That was easy!

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